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Tool Deep Dive: PRINCE

Tool Name: PRINCE (PRobability INfinite Chained Elements) Version Reviewed: 0.12 Author: Jens Steube, (Atom from Hashcat) OS Supported: Linux, Mac, and Windows Password Crackers Supported:  It is a command line tool so it will work with any cracker that accepts input from stdin Blog Change History: 1/4/2015: Fixed some terminology after talking to Atom 1/4/2015: Removed a part in the Algorithm Design section that talked about a bug that has since been fixed in version 0.13 1/4/2015: Added an additional test with PRINCE and JtR Incremental after a dictionary attack 1/4/2015: Added a section for using PRINCE with oclHashcat Brief Description:   PRINCE is a password guess generator and can be thought of as an advanced Combinator attack . Rather than taking as input two different dictionaries and then outputting all the possible two word combinations though, PRINCE only has one input dictionary and builds "chains" of combined words. These chains can have 1 to N wo

Don't call it a comeback ... Ok, maybe it is

Has it really been four years since my last post!? Well I guess it has! So a better question is: "What has changed for me to bring this blog back?" Well last February I  got rid of my apartment, took leave of my job, and hiked all 2185.3 miles of the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine. During that time I realized how much blogging meant to me. Long story short, I've been working with my employer to figure out how I could restart this blog now that I'm back. I don't want to spend too much time on this news post but I might as well end it on one more question: "What should you expect?" That's up in the air right now and I plan on remaining flexible, but I feel one thing I have to contribute to the research community is the fact that I really do enjoy constructing and running experiments. I may not be the best coder, l33t3st password cracker, or have a million dollar cracking setup, but I do have mad Excel skills and I love digging into algorit