Wednesday, July 29, 2009

EliteHackers Data-set

If you haven't already heard, ZF0 just released their 5th installment of hacking the hackers, and boy is it a doozy. I was almost expecting to see my username/password show up there since it looks like the Cain&Able forum was hacked about a month ago. Still Mitnick, Kaminsky, and several other high profile hackers were completely 0wned.

I downloaded the data dump and have been perusing through it. Coming in at whopping 400+ pages long, it will make good reading on the airplane. Of course the part that really interested me was their coverage of cracking user passwords from the website. Apparently they grabbed around 24 thousand password hashes from the site and managed to crack 43% of them, (of course they assigned it a N00b score of 87% since they multiplied it by x2 to make it look better. I guess it's like assigning a "proof" to describe the alcohol content of liqueur). That being said, since they were salted hashes, that's pretty good. Unfortunately ZF0 only posted 1,000 of the cracked passwords and almost no un-cracked hashes which will make analysis of the set tricky; Kind of like reading a mystery novel told from the point of view of an untrustworthy narrator. That being said there should be enough data to be able to make some educated guesses about their actual attack pattern and input dictionaries they were using.

It should be an interesting Defcon. I'll post more on this when I have a chance.

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Steve said...

Matt, what's the word on the street in Vegas? I read that Kaminsky got a standing ovation, but are they just cheering his good sportsmanship? It would seem that ZF0 besmirched his reputation pretty severely.