Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Google Wave Invite

I've been playing around with Google Wave, and received a couple of extra invites to the free beta. If you are interested, let me know and I'll send one your way.

My short review: It looks like one of those tools where it takes a lot of work to gain any benefit from it. That being said, if you are collaborating with a lot of people on several different projects it has real potential.


kanav1234 said...

I would like to use google wave.
My email id is kanavkhajuria@gmail.com


Matt Weir said...

Cool, I sent you some additional info via e-mail. For everyone else, I still have 5 invites left.

Afrikater said...

Hi Matt,
I attended your talk on passwordcracking on the DCC in october.
Unfortunately I could not get through to you via email.
You'll find my official email address on the second page of the list of dcc-attendees 2009.
I'd be happy if we can get in contact.
Best regards from germany.
Michael Koesters

Matt Weir said...

Hey, I'd love to talk. For some reason my fsu e-mail sometimes filters e-mails from non-US accounts. I'm currently on vacation right now so I won't be able to check the DCC page for about two weeks, (I don't remember what it is or the password to log in), but you can try to send an e-mail to reusablesec@gmail.com and see if it gets through. Regardless, thanks, I look forward to talking to you, and I apologize for all the trouble ;)