Friday, September 10, 2010

Quick Status Update

This is just a quick post to let you know that I for once have a valid excuse for not updating this blog in a timely manner. I actually found a job! Thanks to everyone who offered help, recommendations and encouragements. The only catch is that right now it's being decided if I have to run my posts through our public release office or not. Don't worry, this blog is not going away regardless of the decision.. It might just gain a few unwilling readers ;)

As to my new company, I'm going to keep that a bit of an open secret. This blog reflects my personal views. I certainly don't speak for them, and I plan on avoiding any topics that have to do with my day job, (Don't worry, I'm not doing any password cracking there).

Once again thanks, and I'll resume posting once I get the OK and can update this blog while complying with company policies. I just want to make sure I handle this situation the right way.

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Matt Weir said...

Thanks, though I I have to admit I've found in life that's almost never true. If you think something is going to be an issue, working it out with everyone beforehand in a calm manner so everyone's happy is MUCH simpler then trying to sneak it by, getting caught, and dealing with all the drama afterwards.

Take this case for example. I can run this blog by management, receive their input on how to maintain this blog while complying with corporate policies, and there is no drama. The worst thing that happens is I have to run my posts through a sanity check to make sure I don't blab about any proprietary information, which is understandable.

On the other hand, If I tried to sneak this by, it would be an 'ISSUE' and quite honestly I would loose a lot of trust with the people I work with. How could they trust me to do the right thing if I started off by trying to deceive them, and ignored corporate policies?

So long story short, I'm all about full disclosure up front, rather than trying to sneak by and dealing with the consequences if I get caught later ;)